Improved Accounting Processes and Strategic Financial Management Advice

Client Profile:

Capitol Drywall, Inc. is one of the leading and fastest growing drywall contractors in the Washington, D.C. metro area. They specialize in a diverse range of commercial construction services including interior and structural metal stud framing, drywall systems, thermal and acoustical insulation, rough carpentry, door installation, and acoustical ceiling systems.

The Challenge:

When the company was still in its infancy, soon after its establishment in 1996 by Dan Plante and Karl Celtnieks they experienced an incident with their internal bookkeeper that could have grown into a major problem. They contacted Andy Powell for advice, and he took immediate corrective action. “Andy’s honest, ethical means of handling the problem gained our immediate trust,” said Celtnieks. “He was totally professional.”

The Solution:

After Andy stepped in taking corrective action he became the point of contact for a number of their financial management questions. “Whenever we had an issue, we knew we could pick up the phone, we could call him at any time, and he would have an answer for us.” As the company grew Andy guided their financial operations to ensure that they kept pace with their rapid growth. Andy took special care to make sure they did not experience cash flow issues–a line of credit arranged by Andy proved especially valuable during the economic downturn a few years ago. Celtnieks’ trust in Andy Powell continues. Today he serves as a sounding board, and they discuss a wide range of financial management concerns, such as managing company growth, exploring new business opportunities and personal finances.

The Result:

Andy’s assurance and expertise in the business development area have been especially valuable to Plante and Celtnieks. “He helped us start our two new businesses. We bring him our schematic vision for the new business, and he gives us the nuts and bolts to get us there.

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