Improving Tax Services With Trustworthy Business Advice

Client Profile:

This client is a technology consulting company that works with federal and commercial entities. Since its establishment, the company has provided information assurance, data warehousing and cyber security to its clients to ensure all regulations and mandates are met. As a woman-owned company, this client prides itself on the principles of family, service and community growth.

The Challenge:

In 2017, this client sensed that the accounting firm it hired originally was irreputable. Along with charging the client for services that were never received, the firm cost the client a huge sum of money in taxes. When the company’s CEO began searching for a new firm to help with her bookkeeping, HBP’s Andy Powell provided immediate assistance. “Andy was a very straight-up guy, and he knew what he was talking about,” said the CEO. “He went over the information I gave him with a fine-toothed comb and came back with an entire analysis.”

The Solution:

Once this client brought in HBP, its CEO began working with HBP supervisor Christine Jackson to improve the company’s bookkeeping and tax situation, update its ledgers, adjust its employee salaries and increase its profitability. Christine also took it upon herself to refile the company’s 2015 and 2016 taxes, which the CEO said made her “feel that the company was finally heading in the right direction.” The company will now be audited for the tax refile, but with Christine’s help and thorough work, the company is not worried about negative audit results. The CEO continues to trust HBP with tax and business advice today, as Christine provides her with predictions for the future of the company’s finances and growth.

The Result:

Christine’s expertise has given the CEO confidence that the company’s upcoming audit will be successful. Once the audit is completed, the company hopes to regain its footing and turn a more profitable corner with Christine’s ongoing assistance. “I don’t even know how to quantify this in words, but what Christine has done for us has been invaluable,” said the CEO.

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