Providing Guidance to SOCAP International’s New Executive Director

Client Profile:

SOCAP International is a member-driven organization committed to promoting customer care and customer engagement as a competitive advantage in business. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia with a small staff, SOCAP International represents a thriving global profession of best-in-class customer care experts across all industries.

The Challenge:

Halt, Buzas & Powell began its relationship with SOCAP International in 2007 providing outsourced accounting services. In 2016 Brian Costanzo took over as Executive Director and needed to be brought up to speed on the outsourced accounting portion of SOCAP International’s organization. Being a first-time CEO, Costanzo was unsure of what to expect with the financial portion of his new position. However, based on experience in his previous positions dealing with data and close relations with CFO’s he was he was confident in the services HBP could continue to offer SOCAP International as the new CEO.

The Solution:

When he first took over the role as CEO of SOCAP,  Costanzo was not alone on his journey to learn the organization’s accounting. HBP guided him to learn and review the accounting policies and procedures for the organization. The learning process began by reviewing the accounting manual together and working through each function step by step. This document outlines important processes, such as the budget, financial reporting, payroll administration, internal controls, and procedure for special events held throughout the year. Reviewing the manual with HBP provided a complete understanding of the accounting portion of the organization.

The Result:

The manual review with HBP provided the new CEO with enough knowledge to scrutinize the accounting at a micro level. He identified changes that were needed take steps towards his goals for the SOCAP International organization. From the review of the organization’s previous accounting history, Costanzo found that some of the reporting lacked the ability to look at year over year reports and trends, as this was not a focus of previous organization leaders. HBP implemented these reporting changes, giving the information necessary to see the organization’s past, present, and future. These pieces of information were crucial in building the new CEO’s credibility with the board, along with arming him to make informed business decisions for the organization’s future.

As CEO, Costanzo felt that it was not necessary for an HBP staff member to be present on site; accessibility via phone or email and the occasional drop in proved to be a perfect fit for SOCAP International. Through the internal controls and points of contact established by HBP and SOCAP International, along with the addition of a weekly status phone call suggested by the new CEO, HBP is ready in an instant to quickly collect or analyze information for upcoming board meetings, month and year end to meet SOCAP International’s needs.


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