Uncompromising Ethics, Dedication to Customer Service and Hard Work

Client Profile:

Keany Produce Company is one of the Washington area’s largest wholesale produce companies. This previously small, family-owned business now employs over 400 people with a fleet of over 140 trucks, with the Keany family still at the heart of the company.

The Challenge:

After two years of working for a produce wholesaler, Kevin Keany took a gamble and started his own company. With one van and a checkbook, he turned to Steve Halt of Halt, Buzas & Powell (HBP) for accounting advice.

In the early days Steve Halt focused primarily on the company’s business taxes and the family’s personal tax preparation. Steve also conducted annual financial reviews and provided input to the organization’s business plan. Steve stayed in steady contact with Keany, and their frequent conversations were augmented by more formalized monthly financial planning meetings.

The Solution:

HBP has supplied financial and accounting advice to Keany and his family every step of the way. Kevin Keany has leveraged Steve’s practical and strategic expertise to grow from a one-man operation to one of the largest produce distributors in the Washington D.C. area.

Despite Keany Produce’s size, the principals of this family-owned business have not strayed from their commitment to hands-on customer service. Steve Halt has continued as their chief financial advisor over the years, giving them the same level of personal service and hands-on support that they have consistently given their own customers.

The Result:

Steve Halt and the team at HBP have always measured the firm’s success in terms of their clients’ successes, and Keany Produce is a shining example. Keany originally selected HBP in 1978 because Kevin Keany knew Steve and HBP was in a convenient location. But as the Keany Produce Company grew, HBP had the expertise to customize their services to adapt to the many changes. Keany Produce also sites HBP’s character—attentive to the needs of Keany, and consistently providing courteous and professional service—as a reason for their longstanding relationship.

Today, HBP provides a full range of tax and financial management services for the Keany Produce Company. In addition to handling the company’s and the principals’ taxes. HBP also conducts periodic reviews of Keany’s financial operations—looking at broad issues, ranging from retirement plans and employee stock ownership plans to the implications of possible acquisitions. The HBP team handles the nitty-gritty details, too, such as meeting tax deadlines and corresponding with the IRS and other tax agencies—even analyzing Keany’s maintenance department, including its training manuals.

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