August Staff Spotlight: Steven Pousinho

This month’s staff spotlight features one of Halt, Buzas & Powell’s newest employees, Steven Pousinho. Steven began working as a staff I accountant in HBP’s outsourcing department in March 2018.

What made you decide to pursue an accounting career?

I kind of stumbled upon accounting. I was living in Oklahoma, and Enterprise Holdings—which is a corporate office for rental cars—needed someone who spoke Portuguese and Spanish. More than anything else, they gave me the job because I’m a native Portuguese speaker, and it was a lot of math. From that point on, I’ve been able to move up and advance my accounting career, and here I am.

If you did not work in accounting, what would your alternative career path be?

I actually went to school for physics, but I always wanted to be a pilot, so probably something along those lines.

Tell me about your hobbies outside of work.

There’s a European company called Airfix that makes little 3-D plane puzzles, and I like to do those, because my son likes planes, so we end up playing with them together. I actually also have a few radio-controlled airplanes that I built and like to fly. My main hobby, though, is cycling. Last year, I rode just over 1,000 miles total, and on average I ride about 60-70 miles on Saturdays. Most of the time during the week, I ride with my son around the neighborhood. He loves cycling as much as I do! I also have a cycling bucket list. It includes goals like riding up Pikes Peak in Colorado and riding along Route One, which goes from Canada to Key West, Florida.

What does your position as staff accountant I at HBP entail?

I do the day-to-day accounting. Mainly, I do the accounts payables, accounts receivables, credit cards, purchases, and all of that. That is maybe 75 to 80 percent of what I do—all of those transactions and ins and outs. Every now and then, I get to do month-ins, reconcile accounts, make sure that bank statements balance, and do a little bit of payroll. It’s a bit of everything.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on at HBP so far?

I don’t know if I can pick a favorite, but I always enjoy working with nonprofits. Even though I’m not part of the nonprofit itself, I feel like the job that I do helps them do their job. Indirectly, in that way, I’m doing whatever it is that the nonprofit does, and I think that’s really cool. It’s nice to be able to see different businesses, associations and organizations and to be a little part of all of them at the same time.

What is the best thing about working at HBP?

Like I said, I really like being a part of all these different clients and their goals. I like working here, too, because it’s like working with friends. In the past, I’ve has jobs that were just a job. You go in, you do your job, you leave, and that’s about it. But here it’s easy to relate to people and get to know them. Everyone helps each other, so if you’re getting in a position where you’re panicking a little bit, there’s someone five steps away who can help you.


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