Information Security in a Digital World

What is one thing every organization has in common regardless of size? The one-person shops to the small non-profits. The mid-market company fighting tooth and nail to make it in a competitive arena, and further on up to the company of ten-thousand spanning thirty states across the country. Even those multi national mega-corporations have this in common. What could an international corporation of 500,000 have in common with a local family owned diner of 3? Customer Information…

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Transitioning to New Accounting Software

Transitioning to a New Accounting Software with Integrated AMS (Association Management Solution)

There are many reasons that can prompt an organization to transition their accounting software and/or their AMS. Limitations of the current system, the need for other tools or manual activities in order to process financial data and activity, growing business operations, or the use of advanced features are just a few reasons of why an organization would consider a transition. Whatever the reason may be, be aware that any change to a new accounting software system is a huge undertaking and requires a tremendous amount of time and money. Below are some helpful steps to assist with an efficient and successful transition.  Read More »