chidcare provider coloring with child

Can Childcare Influence Your Tax Return?

You work full-time and hire an in-home childcare provider to take care of your two young children while you work. Did you know hiring a child care provider can influence your tax return? The good news is you can obtain Child and Dependent Care tax credit for qualifying expenses up to $6,000, the bad news is you may need to pay household employment taxes for the care provider.

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gathering around work water cooler

Meet Me at the Water Cooler: The Importance of Hydrating at Work

While the water cooler is best known as a place for casual conversation, or even a breeding ground for gripes and gossip, many forget its primary purpose — to keep you hydrated! We all know we’re supposed to consume water throughout the day, but how many of us put this into practice? Whether it’s speeding out of the house to beat rush-hour traffic or putting out fires all day at the office, taking a swig of water is the last thing on our minds. But, countless of studies have proven that maintaining proper hydration is key to performing your best and being your best. Need some convincing to increase your water intake? Let’s face the facts.

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saving money in piggy bank

Tips to a Financially Balanced Life

In today’s DIY-dominated world, more and more “things” can be completed with a nail gun, a gallon of paint, recycled wood and an extra hour of free time. These may not be the exact ingredients in the recipe to reduce your overall spending, but the DIY mentality can certainly be applied! Here are a handful of easy, do-it-yourself, non-lifestyle changing tips to help you live a more financially-balanced life.

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel

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A pen on top of a bank statement.

Reconcile Differences Between Bank Statements and Business Cash Balance

Does your bank statement accurately report your businesses cash balance? Probably not! There is usually a difference in the amount of cash reported on the balance sheet, and the actual balance in the bank account for the same period. This difference is neither a good nor bad thing, but instead, highlights the timing difference between when the business remits payments and when they clear the bank.

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