Keeping the Right Attitude

Roosevelt lake bridge and dam

It is said that life and death are in the power of the tongue. It becomes imperative to foster optimism versus pessimism. Your thought process and attitude are vital parts of rising to heights that pertain to your views. In a working environment, attributes such as unity, teamwork, cooperation and service become the strength of the mission.

How you positively perceive yourself and others will always yield a greater reward. It is proven over and over that a positive attitude not only allows a person to become successful, but also enables them to tap into unrealized potential. I think I can–so I will.

Be the bridge that others use to get to their expected end. In doing so they, in turn, will find it necessary to care for the bridge that has become an instrumental tool to their success. If they cannot provide the wherewithal to maintain their continued safe passage properly, they will then tap into other resources to help keep the bridge secure. This endless circle creates the circle of life. We need one another to reach our potential and positivity is the underlying power.


Written by: Lisa Fickling Johnson, Senior Accountant