Our Symposium–Giving Back to Non-Profits

non-profit symposium attendees

Tax season is here, baseball training is in full swing, hockey season is moving along, and March Madness is upon us. To me, this means our Halt, Buzas and Powell Spring Non-profit symposium is around the corner.

If you don’t know, the symposium is a method of bringing together leaders of non-profit organizations for a half day of free education. Non-profits were seeking a resource that specifically provided guidance and answered questions about new regulations and upcoming changes that were confusing to implement. As a result of this initial need for non-profits and the firms continued assistance to non-profit organizations, we have been hosting this semi-annual event for over ten years. The symposium serves as a way for us to give back to the non-profit community by providing guidance on current topics, which empowers non-profits to continue their daily quests.

The planning of the symposium is a group effort amongst myself and other firm leaders as well as taking the feedback former symposium attendees into account. We gather possible topics of interest from our survey following the event, clients, and non-profits around the community to identify topics of interests for the next symposium. Once topics are identified, we reach out to industry experts who can share their insight on the subjects. Attendee feedback is crucial in this process as we want this to be an event that you find valuable. To make the proximity easier to the communities, we host the event both in Baltimore and Alexandria on a semi-annual basis. We felt to be the most efficient, we needed to provide information twice a year as things were changing too quickly in a year span. You can imagine that planning a semi-annual event in two locations is no small feat, but we feel that this information is so valuable to provide.

These are just a few of the reasons we continue to find industry experts to provide information free of charge to attendees on current topics within the non-profit industry. Join us this spring for a day of learning; we hope to see you at one of our spring symposia.


Written by Andy Powell, CPA; Partner-in-Charge