Seeking Accounting Superstars

Recent accounting college graduate shaking hands in office

Halt, Buzas & Powell, Ltd. is seeking soon-to-be or recently graduated accounting superstars to join the HBP team. Hear from a few of our current superstars and their experiences post graduation with HBP.

Jenna Cava, Audit Supervisor

George Mason University, BS in Accounting, 2007

I began HBP shortly after graduating in May 2007 as a Staff I.  Two of the things that drew me to HBP in particular after graduation were:

  1. The size of the organization.  My biggest concern about going to one of the big four was I would be “a little fish in a big pond” and was concerned I wouldn’t have the opportunities for growth and progression that I would at a smaller firm.
  2. I liked HBP’s approach that as a Staff I you would work in both the audit and tax departments, and a specialty wasn’t declared until you progressed.  During other interviews, it was a common question about whether I would prefer to go into tax or audit and at the time I had no experience, so I found choosing a specialty to be a scary prospect without having any experience.

I have been with HBP for over 10 years (I left for a short time when I had to relocate out of the area).  I have had amazing opportunities for advancement and because HBP is a smaller organization, and I was exposed to a lot more accounting than some of my peers who went to bigger firms. Having those opportunities has made me a well-rounded accountant and given me strong analytical skills to reach the supervisor level.


Yifei Cao, Staff II Accountant

George Mason University, Master of Accountancy, 2015

I began at HBP after graduating in May 2015 as a Staff I Accountant. What drew my attention to the firm is the beginner approach HBP offers. As a Staff I, I do both audit engagements and tax returns. As a recent graduate with no experience, it was hard for me to choose one path over another. HBP provides an opportunity for me to explore both and determine my audit or tax preference. In my two years with HBP I have been able to strengthen both my technical and soft skills. My colleagues at HBP are friendly and a pleasure to work and grow with daily.


Rui Huang, Senior Tax Accountant

George Washington University, Master of Accountancy, 2015

I started with the firm in January 2015 as a Staff I Accountant. One thing I found unique about the position at this company was I was given the opportunity to work in both the audit and tax department. As a graduate fresh out of school, this added exposure in both fields helped me to determine my career path. Even now as a Tax Senior, I still benefit from the things I learned during my audit experiences, such as basic accounting principles and the interpretation of financial information. I have benefited from the supportive environment and career development opportunities at HBP– seniors, managers, and even partners are always there to help; being able to work directly with all levels within the firm has been beneficial to my career development. When you are ready to “rock and roll” they are willing to give you challenging projects along with their guidance. Now that I have been with the firm for two and half years, I really appreciate the help and support I have had– I couldn’t have started my career off in any better place than HBP.

Marco Fernandes, CPA, Principal

University of Maryland College Park, B.S in Accounting and B.S in General Business, 2006

I started with HBP in January 2007 as a Staff 1 Accountant. I always wanted to be an accountant, but becoming a CPA wasn’t critical to me, and neither was becoming a partner since I thought that would take 20 years if not more. I thought I would join a firm that pays well, has great leadership and offers work-life balance. This is public accounting; some work-life balance is acceptable. After meeting the Partners, finding out the growth potential and the structure of the firms, I was blown away. I knew this was the best firm for me and I would accept any offer they made. Well, the offer was made, and ten years later, I’m a CPA, the Audit Principal, and one promotion away from Partner. When I first joined the firm the leadership was just right, challenging me, keeping me focused on moving my career forward but great about making sure I balanced and continue to balance my outside life with work despite the increased responsibility since as I climbed up the ladder. These two aspects have certainly played into the success I have achieved at HBP thus far.


If you want to join the HBP team, email your resume and cover letter to us!