We Focus on Your Numbers Without Treating You Like One

The way you choose to run your business is more than just numbers on a piece of paper. There are goals, a vision, a mission statement, and most importantly, a story to tell. At Halt, Buzas & Powell we recognize this and, while we are more than capable of handling the numbers, we recognize there’s more to helping our clients succeed than just getting to know their bottom line.

It’s important for us to know where your current accounting practices and policies may be holding you back. Do you find bookkeeping and compliance tedious? Do you need help with payroll? What about some interim, in-office assistance with an accountant, controller, and other staff accounting positions? We can take care of all of that, and more, thanks to our talented team of experienced CPAs and financial professionals.

Once you have an accurate accounting of your books and the numbers start making sense you can make better-informed decisions for improving your organization and meeting your goals.