Updates to Our Citrix Hosting Environment

On Sunday, 2/24/2019, the Halt, Buzas & Powell, LTD Managed IT Services department will be rolling out our new Hosted Citrix Environment to our staff and clients. This process should be fairly seamless, but much like any big change, there are some hiccups to be expected. The goal of this blog post is to provide a F.A.Q. for some of the common questions. The most important point I want to make here though – if at any point of time you have an issue with accessing the new Citrix – please reach out to us at support@cpas4you.com.

Moving forward our new Citrix access gateway can be accessed by going to https://gate.cpas4you.com/.

The primary issue that is bound to come up is the need to locate your client files after the move. This is because the recent items will be gone and you will need to manually open the files the first time you log back in to the new server.
Specifically in Quickbooks, when you click open a company file, you will notice in the top left corner of the select company window that opens, there will be a shortcut to 5 numbers. In the example below it is 12345. When you click on this shortcut, it will take you to your personal drive that has your company data. Also, make sure to check the box to open in multi-user mode. From there, find your company file you want to open and click open.

Open A Company Example – Notice 12345 in top left and checked Open file in multi-user mode.