What Are Compromises in Your Data Costing You?

While you may not like the sound of an “audit”, trying to resolve issues stemming from data breaches and the failure to perform information security audits are far less fun. The usual suspects, like electronic theft, physical loss, unintentional exposure, power outages, and acts of God can cause a range of issues, from annoying problems to catastrophic results. Often, the damage can’t be fixed by just patching it up.

At Halt, Buzas & Powell, we take information security audits seriously. We help organizations big and small find the cracks in their systems by stepping out of the board room to conduct personal interviews with staff, examine operation system settings, analyze shared resources, perform vulnerability scans, and audit historical data. We can offer you a wide range of information security audit services, including:

  • Service Organization Control (SOC) audits and consulting
  • Compliance with industry and government regulation consulting
  • Network and information vulnerability and penetration assessments
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery consulting and planning

When it comes to the security of your information, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all protection plan. Ongoing audits are necessary to shine the light on the weak points in your plan so you can make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes the problem is a technical deficiency. Other times, it can be employees choosing convenience over compliance. And in other cases, some companies lack a plan altogether. Ultimately, the strength of your security policies and how well your organization follows them will win you business or cost you customers. Your information security should support your operational goals, not hold you back from achieving them.

Contact us today to learn more about our information security audit services and how we can help you ensure you have the proper controls in place.