Helping You Set Up the Right Systems for Success

You’ve set big goals. You don’t want to just meet ‘em, you want to beat ‘em. But can you make it happen with the way you’re running your business and the tools you give to your people? Maybe it’s time to bring in a partner for an objective review of your management systems, processes, procedures and IT investments.

When you give Halt, Buzas & Powell a call, we’re ready to jump in. We put down our calculators, and roll up our sleeves. We get to work with your senior management, department managers, and front-line employees. We look for opportunities to improve teamwork and collaboration between departments and people. Next, we evaluate your IT systems to make sure your people have the right tools to achieve your corporate strategies and goals. After we complete our review, we offer you a comprehensive range of management systems services, including recommendations for process improvement, software solutions, and training support.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we’re authorized resellers of accounting software packages such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Our Management Consulting Services

With our full range of management consulting services, we make sure there are no weak links in your business or organization:

  • Review and analyses of current business practices and procedures
  • Requirements definitions for proposed or desired systems
  • Hardware/software purchases and vendor negotiations on your behalf
  • System installation, set-up and configuration
  • System conversions including data migration
  • On-going user training
  • Post-implementation support, customization and software upgrades

Contact us for the right management strategies and tools to achieve measurable performance improvements and reduced costs.