Because Everyone’s Formula for Success Is Different

Want to know how to navigate the latest tax laws to get the best return? You bet. How about getting the inside scoop on what other businesses are doing to create bigger profits? Of course you do. Do you have to make your organization just like theirs to be successful? Absolutely not!

At Halt, Buzas & Powell, we know that trying to force you to be like every other business in your industry doesn’t work. We’re the right CPA firm for your organization because we start by getting to know your goals, your business model, how you go to market and manage your finances before we make recommendations for change. We want to help you become an industry leader, not a follower.

We’ve been partnering with diverse customers in the greater Washington, DC area since 1969. Our team understands there’s more to success than the bottom line. The right accounting and management solution for a nonprofit organization like St. Coletta of Greater Washington wouldn’t fit the needs for a produce wholesaler like the Keany Produce Company.

You deserve an experienced, proactive partner who understands your competitive advantage is a result of your unique make-up. With us, you have a CPA firm that looks for the opportunities in your business to come up with the right solution. That’s why we take a personable approach to get to know you, and not just your numbers.

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Nonprofit Organizations

We’re in tune with your mission and needs.

Government Contractors

We have the skills to construct a plan that will work for you.

Restaurants & Hospitality

We have the right ingredients for your restaurant to succeed.

Businesses & Individuals

We nurture your business from the start, regardless of your size.


We’re the right resource to make our fellow professionals look good.