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Restaurants & Hospitality

As you know in your industry, what happens in the back of the house has a huge impact on the customer experience in the front of the house. If you don’t find a healthy way to make your operation lean, the quality of your product and your customer service suffer. Then customers stop frequenting your establishments. And when the customers stop coming back, your goose is cooked.

We believe that quality needs to be part of your strategy to increase your profitability. When we get in the kitchen with restaurants and hospitality companies, we look for opportunities for improved collaboration between people, departments and technology. When you get these three ingredients working together, you can view timely, accurate data to make wise business decisions, improving your cash flow and operational efficiencies — ultimately keeping your customers happy at the dinner table.

Who are some of the restaurants we’ve made grin from ear to ear?

  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  • Capital Restaurant Concepts
  • Red Hot & Blue Restaurants, Inc.
  • Great American Restaurants
  • The Palm Restaurants

What did we do to make them smile?

Saved ‘em hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating unproductive labor costs, re-engineering inefficient processes, and implementing leading-edge technology solutions. Sound good? You can too!

Our Hospitality and Restaurant Services

With more than 20 years experience as hospitality and restaurant consultants, we know a thing or two about how to grow your business.

Has your IT system reached its expiration date?

Sure you keep an eye on the “expiration” dates on your food, but when was the last time you checked the freshness of your IT system? Working with an updated accounting software system is like giving your line cooks a new set of sharp knives for prep work; it’s more efficient for getting the job done and it reduces waste.

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